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Crisis and Interim Management

AVILO - Services Helping to promote change and to achieve goals

AVILO undertakes the stabilisation of both the internal and the external environments of companies in crisis. AVILO’s crisis managers propose and implement optimum temporary measures that are targeted to leading the company out of crisis. We also intervene to limit any damage caused by a crisis and facilitate the company’s recovery from it. With our proactive approach to crisis management we also enable clients to anticipate potential future crises and to develop a timely plan for their management.

During a clearly defined period of time AVILO’s interim managers focus primarily on change management of the company’s strategy, its business activities and its other internal and external processes.

AVILO is not a recruitment agency that seeks candidates for vacant leadership positions. We cooperate with experienced managers from within our own network of partners who are professionally qualified to implement a wide range of top-level executive functions, from becoming project managers or the directors of individual divisions or departments to serving as general managers.

Interim management