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AVILO uses its wide multidisciplinary network of experts to professionally guide clients in the unleashing, expanding and leveraging of their existing potential. Along with others, the following are members of the AVILO core team:

Ivan Oliva, Managing Director

AVILO - Team 30 years of experience in general management and business administration. He has occupied various sales&marketing, senior and top management positions within the pharmaceutical and dental material industries in Germany, Czech Republic and other Central and Eastern Europe Countries (incl. Ukraine and Russia) including restructuring, turnaround and acquisition operations. He held country management and regional management (Central Europe, Austria, Switzerland) positions within a leading global certification and inspection corporation; responsible for organic growth and acquisitions. In the Managing Director position he managed a big chemical production company as well as large highly specialised hospital.


Karel Kučera, Senior Consultant

AVILO - Team Senior executive with more than 15 years of extensive experience in the Marketing, Sales, Operations and Project Management of international companies. His focus is on Strategic Marketing, Business Development and Process Improvement with the direct impact on the Business Value Creation. He has an experience from the acquisitions of the companies and their brands/products with consequent strategic portfolio optimizing. During his working stay in the UK was certified as a SixSigma Black Belt Project Manager.


Josef Venc, Senior Consultant

AVILO - Team Active for about 20 years in European business operations, which has included analyses for potential foreign investors, corporate communications advisory and business development. During his career he has held senior management positions within both local SMEs and global corporations operating in publishing, management consultancy, certification, travel and international trade fair markets.


Jiří Zelina, Business Analyst

AVILO - Team Over 18 years experience in marketing and analytical roles in a Czech but internationally active dental material company. He also worked for over 10 years as a company psychologist in metal working and construction companies in the Czech market.
His marketing projects have included extensive restructuring and transformation analyses of an old-economy production-oriented business for transformation into a modern, market-driven innovative and highly competitive regional player.